5 Amazing Tips to Crack Army TES SSB Interview


Army TES SSB Interview  provides a great opportunity not only to get the pride of white uniform but also the engineering degree. The educational qualification to join Army TES SSB Interview, 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with JEE mains scorecard. It is one of the easiest ways to become an officer in the Indian Navy. All you need to do is to crack the SSB interview. So, if you have also thought of clearing the Army TES SSB Interview and wondering the ways to crack army  tes ssb interview, we have the five important ways to do it:

Command over English for Army TES SSB Interview 

ssb interview group discussion in progress

It becomes very difficult to clear this Army Tes SSB Interview without a good command of English. A candidate should have good command over not only written but also spoken English. For that regular practice is required. Rajasthan Defence Academy provides the  best coaching for NDA with schooling in Rajasthan. Here we provide regular spoken English and personality development classes are conducted to make students confident for SSB.

Maintain Physical Fitness

students are gathered for gto task of ssb with gto officer

Next comes physical fitness. Although there is no direct Physical Fitness Test conducted at SSB there are tests like Individual Obstacles and Group Obstacle Race, which demand good physical strength to score good marks. Rajasthan Defence Academy organizes regular physical training sessions to increase the physical fitness of the candidates. We have retired physical trainers from the Armed forces who are best than any nda foundation coaching. They guide you to perform well in any physical test of armed forces.

Current Affairs update helps in many tasks

Current affairs also play a vital role in the SSB of the Army TES SSB Interview. Here not only the happenings of national and international affairs are important but we should keep an eye on the relation of India with other countries. Our facility of current affairs ensures the updates as per the requirement of the SSB.

Practice, practice, and practice

Practice is the key to the Army TES  SSB. You must attempt many Psychological Tests before your interview. Appearing in the mock interviews will give an idea about the mistakes you are committing. In the GTO task, the practice of Group Discussion and Lecturette will polish your skills. Rajasthan Defence Academy ensures that you get enough practice before you appear for your SSB of Army TES.

Maintain a calm and positive attitude

Two boys happy after success

In challenging situations, how a leader maintains composure and shows a positive approach is a real test for a leader. So, have confidence when you are appearing for SSB, your communication with yourself should be positive. Whatever preparation you have done, you will be able to showcase it only when you maintain your composure.

Be prepared for some technical questions

Since, after getting recommended for army tes ssb interview, a candidate undergoes b. tech course and join Indian army engineering core, so it is required to be prepared for some technical questions may be asked  especially in Personal Interview. It is better that one should prepare these questions in advance. Some questions are listed below:

  1. Basic Network questions
  2. Basic physics laws
  3. If maths is your favourite subject than Why?
  4. Think that I am an 8-year old child, Explain me Pythagoras theorem!
  5. When and where is integration and differentiation used in day to day life?
  6. What generation technology do the current mobiles use?
  7. How does a fan regulator work?
  8. State the laws of thermodynamics.
  9. How are thermodynamics applicable to everyday life?
  10. Why is LPG used in car? How does it work?
  11. What is meant by CC of an engine?
  12. Difference between generator and motor


So, clearing the Army TES SSB Interview is not at all difficult, all you need to do is to follow a proper strategy and follow it with consistency. Have clarity in your thought process and execute yourself as per your preparation. We wish you all the best in your endeavor.

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