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Chairman's Desk

I wish to thank you for showing interest in Rajasthan Defence Academy. We have been giving quality instruction in Defence training for as far back as 6 years and more than 2500 RDAians have been successfully placed in several forces since its commencement. We are very much put to leave an effect on the general public. We cultivate honing of aptitudes and improvement of learning base in our understudies through different additional curricular, co-curricular and curricular exercises through personnel who not just keep themselves at standard with the present advancements but add to the extension of the group of information in their field of ability. To encourage this, we have centers of Excellence to instil inside and to improve space particularly Research and Training among individuals from personnel and Entrepreneurship among understudies. With an extremely harmonious and proficient environment, our staff makes a significant commitment to the educated community through quality instructing, productions, workshops, gatherings, and so forth. The workforce commitment has gotten acknowledgement by method for different joint efforts we have with our accomplice and the amazing goodwill we appreciate with the corporate world who liberally add to our different scholastic procedures. In this way, as an understudy, you surely are required to have an improving and life-turning background that ought to impel you to exploit the new open doors in life.

Director's Desk

Dear Students,

Welcome to Rajasthan Defence Academy! “Be brave, be bold, dare and so. Nothing Will be impossible; no obstacle is insurmountable. Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowning yourself with success. Dear Students, if you have Passed 12th and looking for a career in defence, join RDA. We aspire to provide job to every student who joins our academy for his career. Our Aim is, every student should get success in his life. Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point, then is to know what you want in life. Let your ambition come true. Never mind and never fear. What appears impossible today will become a reality tomorrow, with your determination, dedication, and application. The man who wins is the man who Thinks He Can. Rajasthan Defence Academy Leads you on the road to success.